Thursday, May 8, 2008


After an exhausting, soul-crushing, faith-testing, teeth-gritting month, the surviving babies are finally home, and Reilly got to hold her beloved Kate in her arms. B's mama bunny had her babies circa Rosie's appendectomy, and managed not to kill two of them. They were seriously failure-to-thrive, and B shipped them to Maria's so they could be in the foster care of a mama not as apt to starve her young.

So just last weekend Rei got the call that Kate was en route. She was trembling with excitement. Pacing like a proud father. Squealing like a ... well, girl. On the way to B's, Rei identified every landmark and estimated how many minutes were left to drive.

"Blockbuster! Six minutes!"

"That cafe that's always empty! Three minutes, right Mom?"

At last their epic reunion was at hand, and Reilly was finally able to behold Kate in all her peeing, scratching glory. (Though in Kate's defense I am told neither of these things occurred--I'm just thinking back to my own rabbit.) Anyway, here are some shots of Proud Mamas Reilly and Rosie (with Champion):

This is NOT Adam dutifully building a hutch in the dark, it is someone else.


Megan said...

Rose looks so much like her dad in that photo!

Are you excited to have another creature to clean up after in your home?

Cheyenne said...

Silly rabbit! This beast isn't living in my house! B was kind enough to provide boarding.

Did you think I had gone soft or what?

Sam said...

WOW! Those bunnies were barely the size of a thumb just a few weeks ago!!

Yea! That's so awesome that Rei gets a bunny!

And, I would never have thought that to be Adam! Looks nothing like him!

B Kinch said...

Except for the pipe...