Saturday, May 7, 2011

pic 127

the latest in duct tape chic. she has made everything from wallets to the most delicious bouquet of flowers, and these super funky hair clips, which she was asked to make for all the girls for the dance recital. by the teacher. like wow.


Mesina said...

omg. I LOVE her. Duct tape hair bows?! Bouquets?! Is there anything that girl can't do?!

It looks amazing - and puts every handyman out there TO SHAME. Go girl! x

Wendy Harnage said...

You are an awesome mom! Your kids are proof! And don't ya just love duct tape? I have a duct tape wallet made by Holly when she was about 10! Those are priceless gems we'll keep forever! xoxoxo

owlishly said...

she's so clever! loves her.