Monday, April 25, 2011

pics 115

morning deluge

her pick

and i was all, @@

canon powershot. shock shock me, shock shock me.

best supporting actor/lackey

uncle kracker

flipping out

sweet & beautiful

"...and a tripod with colourful feets for mounting to any surface!"
junior pap in the houuuuuuse. great.

Your shine was the illest. You make me this happy everyday Reilly. I ♡ you.


owlishly said...

she is ELEVEN! and actually GROWING, omgz! i am loving the picture of her and that hat and the cake. so precious.

i love the bag on graham's head, especially when karlie threw ice at him and he said, "mooooom, karlie hit me in the bag with iiiiiice." bahahaha!

Susannah said...

happy happy birthday, rei! i love the picture of her in the hat too :)

bazanna said...

she is just SO beautiful. so.

Anonymous said...

Didn't she just have a birthday? Your kids are growing up all the while you seem to be supporting it! My kids know to stay young. Looks like an amazing day! Yea you and Rei!

Mesina said...

I LOVE IT!! She is so beautiful, with a mind as powerful as her Mama's and a smile more beaming than any gloomy day. You are such a great Mama woman - 11 years and she's just a sweetheart.