Monday, March 7, 2011

little one-a-these, a little one-a-those...a little side step

Give me:

-Sinks that are bleaching.

-The food at the Kroc Center.

-Reilly's purse being recovered from the lost and found at the Great Wolf Lodge and shipped home for almost as much as the camera inside is worth O_@.

-Love Today.

-Tens units.

-Jason Bateman.

-10 mega pixels.

-Friendships rekindled.


-My mom being so healthy! (Who can restrict carbs to 100/day? SHE CAN!)

-Quinn singing and dancing and knowing the words to every song, omg omg omg!

-Reilly's mad editing skills.

-The car wash.

-"asymptomatic," the BEST playlist in the world.

-Kids doing chores.

-Reilly keeping her room so so particular and so clean.

-Lincoln Park After Dark.

-Lists, lists on lists, lists on hands, lists on phones, lists with friends, kids...

-My kids playing Playmobil for seven hours with an old friend Saturday night.

-Asking Reilly to complete some Mission: Impossible task in 1.1 seconds, and her doing it, no problemo.

-The necklace Quinn and Rei got me on etsy for christmas with their names on it, even though I feel like I can't wear any other necklace. And I love that they ordered something from etsy before I ever did.

-Anderson Cooper.

-Introducing my kids to local politicians (Ron Wyden, John Kroger, Gov. Kitzhaber) and letting them see and hear how "politics" isn't some mystical far-off concept.

-Shampooed carpets.

-Justin Bieber.



-Not getting a hedgehog.

-Skullcandy ear buds baby.

-My kids correcting bad English, bad grammar, and knowing when to hold 'em, and when to fold 'em.



-Having to tell someone who got you a book that the book was shit.

-The handle to the espresso hopper being loose. KRUPS has really gone downhill. :(

-Making lists with gusto, and then wilting like lettuce in the microwave.

-The school shelf. (a.k.a. the craft shelf, a.k.a., where does this go? the school shelf.)

-Z100. Frillz. Help!



-The way I felt after watching Love and Other Drugs, and that artsy characters always wear overalls.

-Having to be interested in people's pets.

-E! True Hollywood Countdown: The Curse of the Lottery 2. (Blows brains out.)

-Dust motherfucker.


-Not buying that tension rod at Target. Overly sensible for the lose.

-Having too many black sweaters to keep track of.

-Cinematic narcolepsy.

-Needing to be waxed.

-Twins named Max (win) and Bob. (Wtf? fuck you Dad!)

-Saline pools.


-Aussie hair spray smelling like a bathroom in an office building.

-Throw blanket-itis. :(

-Koch suckers.

-Charlie Sheen making national news ... ever heard of a little place called Libya?!?!


gail said...

i love listy posts...and people's pets :)

bazanna said...

you don't like saline pools? i have friends who love them, i've always wanted to try it.

Cheyenne said...

No! I denounce them. The only thing that would feel worse after working out than jumping into a saline pool would be ... a honey pool. It's like Alice in Wonderland and all her goddamned tears, blech. Chlorine baby!

owlishly said...

i do not speak to people of your nature.