Tuesday, February 15, 2011


finally. now i just need one of those giant key tattoos on my arm.


owlishly said...

you are a certifiable badass now. ksb! next stop: boxing gloves!

p.s. no trite key tattoos for you, but you do need your fifth.

Kasondra said...

I SO SO SO want one!! I'm just afraid of one of the kids smacking it.

reetaxx said...

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stone hunter said...

I think I agree with you reetaxx.

and Cheyenne, that could put your eye out!!!
On the other hand, it could puncture your brain, too. It could probably do both...

But yes, badass allright.

Love Mom.

Dyan said...

Badass, agreed. What's the deal with the key tattoo? You already have the bird tattoo which I covet and I have creepily scoured the planet for a water bottle identical to yours so maybe I should accompany you on your next tattoo outing?

Cheyenne said...

jerk-They provide gloves!

Kas-Do it! It will be fine.

reetaxx-Interesting sentiment, thank you.

Mom-What can I say? I'm dangerous.