Monday, January 10, 2011

touch, don't look

You don't even know. I don't like ice cream, and the rare times I indulge, I save myself for the premium stuff.

Earlier tonight, in the balmy 24ยบ and with no coat, I found myself walking into a Baskin Robbins to appease Debe, who becomes dangerous when she doesn't get her way, true story. The objective was completely lost on me, and I found myself distracted by the charming waffle bowls, encrusted with millions of sprinkles, the stuff of my organic childhood dreams. Soon I was touching the bowls on display, and decided I would in fact need to eat out of one.

How could you not?

I asked the staff person, who may have been 15 with as many facial piercings, if they had the sprinkle cups in stock.

"Yeah, these are what we have." O.o

Um. "You mean these, up here? Where people can touch them?"

"Wull um, I mean, I have never seen anyone touch them."

"I just touched all of them. I thought they were for display."

"Oh," she said, "well could you not? People eat those."

"No, you need to throw these away see?"

"Oh. Right. Did you know what you wanted?"

Yeah hand sanitizer, all the Hepatitis vaccines, a shower, and to blog this.

"I'd like one of the clowns in the super thick case please."

"I could get you a cone from the bottom that hasn't been touched."

You mean these beauts?

The clown won by a mile. But I just bit the icing scallops off and threw it away.

31 flavours, 31 touchy-feely unnoticed gropers, 31 strains of germs.


Kasondra said...

See, my mom was like that...I remember driving up into the mountains and seeing those guys selling jerky by the side of the road and asking for some (I love jerky...) My mom would always reply, "Is that man someone you want touching your food?"

I still think about stuff like that. Bins of candy at stores? Uh, where kids put their hands? Hell no, I'll pass. Don't get the coffee out of the barrels at Whole Foods either...I saw kids playing in it like it was a sandbox.

gail said...

ewww...i have never had one of those clown cones...and now i don't want to - his eyes are scary.

Cheyenne said...

Kas--I try not get carried away but I am definitely wired to notice and care about all those little things. My kids are attuned to good hygiene, thankfully, but they're not fanatics. Hand washing is our main ... principle?

Gail--Right? All clowns are of the devil, and this one was no exception, but it was a) ridiculous, b) unlikely to have been molested by half of Salem, and c) had a lot of scalloped icing. I do not recommend these.

Anonymous said...


Susannah said...

Ew ew ew ew!

Glenissa said...

You are so funny! I wish I had half as much spunk as you do. Oh and your page looks amazing!