Monday, October 18, 2010


stone hunter said...

I just can't believe how beautiful this boy, er young man, actually, is. The sweet way he smiles holding Sorren, and that laugh of his with Papa!! Especially his mama holding him at the end.
I simply can't tell you how many times he has made me play that Beatles song at my house. And it's perfect.

Another total video win Mom.


Kasondra said...

So handsome and obviously a happy kid (wow, I guess "kid" would be the wrong word? I meant, "young man")! And he looks like so much fun! If we ever get stationed in your neck of the woods (like that Texas phrase? lol) we're totally going to have to hang out.

owlishly said...

LOVE this! Perfect song. I seriously can't believe he is only going to be 12. He is such a smart and handsome mustachioed fellow. The picture of you wearing him in the blanket at the park is the best considering he's almost as tall as you. So sweet. <3

Todd said...

BIG Darlin' now! and...BIG chickin' no more lil' chickin'. Sweet-N-Sour Sooshers! HAHAHA! He can leap from boy to man in a single bound!

I Lubbs Him "."

bazanna said...

sooo cute, he's so handsome. i feel the love! <3

Anonymous said...

What else can be said except that Quinn is over the top beautiful and amazing. These gorgeous children are your legacy, and a wonderful one. Thanks for bringing them into this world! Dyan

Susannah said...

that's an awesome babywearing pic at the end ;)
seriously though, he is beautiful as always.

Dawna said...

I absolutely LOVE the "conehead" pic with the "hand heart"!!
And omg! Have you noticed the strength in your genetics, Chey??!! ;-)

Cheyenne said...

Dawna--I'm so glad you could see the heart, I was afraid it was too dark. You know, I don't see the resemblance, but my kids got the premium blend of all their genes.

Todd--Aw, I haven't thought about "Lil Chickin" in years. That almost makes me cry. Now he's a rooster, but such a sweet one. I see a lot of his Papa in him, behind The Hair.

Kas--Yeah, um, any excuse to get the hell out of Texas, I'll help!

And Mom--Somehow, I actually didn't know Quinn had an affinity for this song, but it always reminds me of him.

Thanks for all the wonderful words. I would still wear them both if they'd let me, but Quinn's legs would drag on the ground. :)

Anonymous said...

Dude your son is good looking, stylish (can't beat the pacman shirt), sweet, smart, a cook apparently and from what I gather just awesome all around. Love the slide show. Love your Quinn! Love your family.

stone hunter said...

My Harrison, but more beautiful.

"He can leap from boy to man in a single bound!" quote from his Papa, perfect. I'm watching this leap, breathtaking, enthralling.

And his hair looks cool even wet at Wolf Creek Lodge!

I still can't get over that loving tolerant fatherly smile at Sorren.

Heirloom video.


gail said...

you got me, right in the heart. i was on the verge of tears through the whole thing - perfect song, great photos, such a wonderful boy.

Mesina said...

omg Cheyenne. Quinn is SO HANDSOME and he looks SO MUCH LIKE YOU it's incredible! Also, I love his hair. Really love his hair and accented with a traffic cone hat it's just too much awesomeness.

You are such a proud Mama and don't you just have every right to be?! He's amazing.