Sunday, March 28, 2010

spring forward ... don't fall off

What's been pleasin' this season:

Comicon in Seattle last week, featuring His Highness, The Master Chief (Halo), having a chat with Quinn and Reilly.

Quinn getting the camcorder ready to capture so much geekery:

Reilly and Caitlyn, en route:

Reilly Knievel, settling for the back of Chris' chopper, lol:

Oh by the way, mama say, "holy fucking shit, YIKES!!!":

Wait, what happened to stuffed animals? Why can't you be at the library with Quinn, renewing Roots omg omg omg?

Can't wait to behold more spring things...and maybe put Reilly back in a car seat.


Hennifer said...

You are a good mama for setting aside (mostly) your fears and posting these photos of what are obviously thrilling times for your offspring!

Could Spring show up with just a tad more gusto however?

Cheyenne said...

It is hard for me to relinquish control where safety is concerned. But, they have opportunities to do so many cool things (and I sure as hell don't want to go to Comicon--can I get an Amen?), I have to muster up the faith to grant them say in the quality of their lives. But this thrill-seeking girl of mine is going to have me completely grey by 35.

Yeah spring, wtf? I bought new flip flops, WHERE ARE YOU?

owlishly said...

Rei is so teeny I don't know how she didn't fly off the back.

Crazy amazing kids you have there.

Dawna said...

Hahahaha! How did the car seat thing work out?!!

Cheyenne said...

Dawna-Funny you should ask. I think she's getting a motorcycle, lol.