Wednesday, May 13, 2009

slip out the back jack

This is our dog Jack. I got him when I was 15 at our small town post office in Seal Rock, where John the postman asked if I had any interest in this gorgeous puppy. I am widely known for missing the gene that goes weak for animals, but I grabbed him and he has been a treasured member of our family ever since. He predates Quinn and Reilly, who consider him a brother.

Sigh. As the circle of life goes, Jack has reached the end of his time with us, and we had to say goodbye to him today. He was in a lot of pain and unable to control his body, but he was still very aware of how loved he was, and that his people (he thought he was a person) were right there with him, loving him as he slipped away. My fierce animal-loving girl, Reilly, has spent five days curled up on Jack's bed with him, and while she understands it is best not to let his pain escalate, she is losing a brother today, and this was the hardest thing I have had to get my kids through yet. Hell I am bawling like a baby as I type.

Bye sweet sweet Jack, you're in a league of your own, never to be forgotten nor replaced, and now you're at peace. We miss you so much it hurts.

Reilly by his side to til the end:

Quinn and Reilly saying goodbye:

R.I.P. Jack (in Reilly's sweatshirt, with her hat and toy):


Megan said...

Poor kids. It's so hard.

heather said...

I honestly did not know that you had a dog....
I am so sorry Chey...

Sam said...

My heart is broken for you and your kids. I'm so sorry.

Pamela said...

deeply sorry for all of you.


stone hunter said...

Beautiful photos of our amazing Jack, honey. Thanks for your strength today. Thanks for letting Rei stay, it really has helped me.

I wish i would have thought of saying some words to him.
Now, of course, they come.

I wish I would have not cried just because he got a shot. I didn't like that woman that did it. I wish I had told her she had a crappyish bedside manner.

Mostly, I wish I would have said to him, "Thank you Jack, for being such a friend to our family. Thank you for being so cool yet predictable and easy. We so needed you, a perfect gift. Thank you Jack.


Cheyenne said...


He knew exactly what he meant to us, and what was expected of him, which is why he continued to try to run and play despite being riddled with pain.

The nurse did a fine job Mom. It's better that they keep an emotional distance, so as not to exacerbate the families' grief. She didn't hurt him, she brought relief to his long-suffering.

Jack left surrounded by the same love he felt everyday, and he recognized us all. His final moment was seeing his six favourite faces, feeling our touch, and easing into a painless resting place. It was the right thing to do, at the right time. I promise. I know the void is palpable Mom, but remember, you don't have to feel sorry and sad for him everyday anymore.

He had the fullest life of any dog.

Hennifer said...

I'm so sorry! Even when it is the right thing it is awfully hard. Our family hasn't been the same since our dog had to be put down. I know how hard it was on grownups I can only imagine how your kids feel.

C, you said it best when you said he saw his 6 favorite faces, being loved like that is a good life.

THE PHONES said...

I'm so sorry. Losing a pet is so devastating.

UrbanHippieMama said...

wow... i don't even want to imagine how tough it must have been to support your kids through that. sending lots of love to your family.

Jacob Blankenship said...

Yeah, I love my sweet little dog beyond words, and know exactly how much of a member of the family that they become, I cannot even imagine the pain you must all be going through. I am glad for you all that it was loving and peaceful. She was lucky to have found such a wonderful, loving home.

mental chatter said...

God, this breaks my heart. What a lucky dog, however. How we leave this world is as important as how we enter it, imho.